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NORTHERN RYE NO. 01: The Premiere Release

NORTHERN RYE NO. 01: The Premiere Release

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Northern Rye is a style of whiskey created by Mammoth Distilling that combines North American traditions with old-world techniques to create a spirit showcasing character from both grain and oak.

The result is a new expression of whiskey. One that explores the nearly endless possibilities of complex rye grain character while balancing the structure, flavor and depth that comes from oak. Every blend of Northern Rye will be uniquely crafted though new combinations of these methods, techniques and traditions and each release will be produced in limited quantities. We see Northern Rye No. 01 as just the first chapter in a long story that will be told with each new one-of-a-kind release.


Notice aromatic pears and ginger on the nose. The palate begins with sweet-tart apples, baking spices and fresh rye bread, then progresses into oak, leather, and honeycomb, which linger into a dry finish.


STYLE:    Northern Rye
ABV:        50% (100 proof)
SIZE:       750ml
GRAIN:   Rye, corn and barley



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