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Mammoth Tart Cherries

Mammoth Tart Cherries

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After tasting our tart, brandy-soaked cocktail  cherries, you’ll never go back to the sugary-sweet maraschino again. Made from locally-grown Balaton cherries and aged in our own brandy, our handcrafted cocktail cherries are the perfect addition to an Old Fashioned, Manhattan or any other favorite cocktail. Free from food dyes, artificial flavors and overpowering spices, only what’s essential remains: the honest taste of a pure Michigan tart cherry. Not only do they make a flavorful addition to any ice cream sundae, a stack of morning pancakes or gourmet cheese plate, the leftover cherry juice is a refreshing ingredient in both cocktail and non-alcoholic drink recipes.

SIZE 11oz (311g)
ABV: Non-alcoholic

Mammoth Distilling, LLC
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